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Spotlight of Medford is a musical theatre company dedicated to educating, enlightening, and enriching the lives of children through the liveliness of the stage. 


Spotlight educates students in both technical, creative, and artistic design in theatre production, as well as directing, choreography, and stage movement. 


Spotlight is dedicated to providing its students with the tools to empower them in building up their self esteem through gaining confidence, public speaking skills, and social skills.




Erin Keith

“Spotlight is dedicated and committed to helping children build strong

character, self esteem, and confidence through the arts!  

We hope to establish a bond that will last a lifetime as we help them expand their
talents to their fullest potential.”  

Katie Keith

"To be apart of the Spotlight Family, is to be apart of a life-long community. This community generates unbreakable friendships, encourages each member to be their true self, supports one another and thrives on creative expression!"    

May Keith


John Howard

"Spotlight is a family that learns from each other, supports each other, and most importantly, respects each other. This is a place where fun is had, talents shine, and friendships blossom."

Mike McLaughlin

"Spotlight not only hones theatrical skills and builds inner confidence, it creates a network of friends and family you can always depend on.  No one is ever truly alone in the Spotlight!!!"

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